Good Practice Recommendations for Environmental Impact Assessment and Public Participation in the Arctic 

The objectives of the project are:

  • To ensure that environmental considerations specific to the Arctic  including social and  health aspects, are explicitly addressed and incorporated into the  planning, design and decision making of large-scale economic projects.  
  • To identify existing good practices through sharing and learning with the aim of developing good practice recommendations for EIA in the Arctic.
  • To promote meaningful practices of public participation, especially the participation of indigenous peoples, and the integration of traditional and local knowledge in EIA within the Arctic.
  • To build a viable network of Arctic EIA actors.

This project is a flagship initiative of the Finnish Chairmanship (2017-2019).


We are seeking the feedback of experts to a questionnaire geared at informing the recommendations for this project. Please fill out the questionnaire by December 22, 2017 or if you prefer to have a telephone interview, please contact:

The questionnaire can be answered online at:



Project Two Pager: PDF iconArctic_EIA_Presentation.pdf
Newsletter 1: PDF iconArctic_EIA_newsletter01.pdf
Alaska Workshop: PDF iconEIA workshop Barrow.pdf
Nordic Workshop: PDF iconArctic_EIA_Nordic_workshop.pdf

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Project Overview (Обзор проекта): PDF iconRussian - Project Overview.pdf
Questionnaire (Анкета): PDF iconQuestionnaire азвития России.pdf


Find out more about GCI is participating by downloading the following presentation: PDF icon2017-06-13 GCI_Presentation_AIE Workshop_Rovaniemi.pdf