A study was commissioned by Gwich’in Council International and carried out by InterGroup Consultants, with support from Lumos Energy undertaken to segment and measure the costs related to diesel electricity generation in these non-grid areas.

These costs included:

  1. Current Utility Costs;
  2. Costs arising from the emission of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions; and
  3. External social impact costs resulting for a reliance on diesel fuel. 

Focusing on a transparent analysis of the full costs of diesel generated electricity in northern off-grid communities, the study utilizes utility-supplied rate filing documentation provided to governments and energy regulators by utilities; government carbon tax costs; and research related to the direct and indirect social costs associated with the use of diesel for electricity generation and building heating purposes. Information was gathered on 9 northern, off-grid communities in the Northwest Territories (3), Yukon (2), and Nunavut (4). 

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Renewable Energy, diesel power generation, climate change adaptation



We would like to thank the Circumpolar Affairs Divsion at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada for thier financial support of this proejct.