The Arctic Sustainable Energy Futures Toolkit is a guide for communities to follow when developing their comprehensive community energy plans. This step-by-step toolkit will transfer knowledge using best practices, resource guides, case studies, videos, worksheets, and templated pathways to help communities create and implement their energy visions. In addition, the Toolkit provides resources to increase energy literacy and capacity for community members build bridges between communities and agency officials and subject matter experts, and create a network of circumpolar community energy leaders.

Through the development of the Arctic Energy Futures Toolkit, communities will:

  • Project the short and medium term energy demand trends and requirements in their region;
  • Understand the impacts of diesel power reliance and supply constraints on social conditions, the environment, and economic development in their region;
  • Identify options for energy demand reductions, enhanced productivity for diesel systems, energy efficiency, and renewable energy;
  • Review off-grid, microgrid and regional grid examples from around the Arctic;
  • Create wise and creative energy planning processes for the Arctic through community visioning and by examining lessons learned and pre-existing solutions;
  • Increase energy literacy around energy systems infrastructure, energy efficiency and conservation, and renewable energy opportunities;
  • Work collaboratively with other communities that are creating their Sustainable Energy Futures Plans; and
  • Prepare a Sustainable Energy Futures Plan through research and discussions between government and partner organizations with the aim of putting the plan into action and securing adequate capital and capacity for implementation.


The Toolkit, updated September 2019, can be accessed here:

PDF icon v1-2-ACEPI-toolkit-Sept2019.pdf


Read the full proposal here: PDF icon 2017-04-21 Arctic_Sustainable_Energy_Toolkit_Proposal_Prior.pdf
Project Update - September 2017: PDF icon ASEFT - Two Pager_FINAL.pdf
Presentation to the Arctic Energy and Emerging Technology Conference (Inuvik) - June 2018: PDF icon 2018-05-18 Arctic Sustainable Energy Futures Toolkit - Inuvik Energy.pdf


We would like to thank the Circumpolar Affairs Division at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada for their support of this project, as well as the Kingdom of Denmark for coming on as a co-lead. Funding has also been provided by Mitacs.