Devlin Fernandes, Executive Director

Devlin joins Gwich’in Council International following a decade working to co-create innovative solutions for rural communities in Canada. Her career has been built around capacity and leadership development, designing and delivering projects in partnership with communities, and advancing solutions that respect and build on the connections between people, place, and economy. She is passionate about social justice, Indigenous rights issues, and the environment.

Devlin earned her Masters Degree in Forest Conservation from the University of Toronto, examining Indigenous involvement in forestry in Ontario, and has worked with numerous First Nations across Canada. Her recent work focused on advancing a conservation economy framework in the Northeast Superior region of Ontario, designing and implementing a social innovation lab to advance community resiliency in northern British Columbia, and supporting community-based fisheries.

She is a lifelong learner, collaborative problem solver, and avid berry picker. She is thrilled to be serving the Gwich’in, and is based in Yellowknife, NT.