Gwich'in Council International is excited to share our open job postings here.

If there are no open positions, please fill in our engagement survey HERE and we will email you with future postings.


Project Coordinator positions MUST fill out and submit the Job Application Form with their CV in either PDF or word format.

PDF icon2021 Project Coordinator Job Application Form.pdf File2021 Project Coordinator Job Application Form word.docx


Positions closing January 19, 2021 at midnight:

Project Coordinator: Youth Ambassadors Program PDF icon2021 GCI Project Coordinator Youth Ambassador Program.pdf


Project Coordinator: Membership Engagement PDF icon2021 GCI Project Coordinator Membership Engagement.pdf


Project Coordinator: Knowledge Systems PDF icon2021 GCI Project Coordinator Knowledge Systems.pdf


Project Coordinator: Energy Initiatives PDF icon2021 GCI Project Coordinator Energy Initiatives.pdf


These four 8-week positions are intended to: increase understanding and awareness across Gwich’in membership of Gwich’in Council International; provide opportunities for learning and development while contributing to organizational priorities and building capacity within individuals and organization; create talent and recruitment networks; and result in meaningful work and deliverables. Please share widely!


Coming soon:

Project Coordinator: Wildland Fire Initiatives